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Autistic Tiny Home™ Final Reveal

Autistic Tiny Home™ Final Reveal

Autistic Tiny Home Final Reveal

The Final Reveal

Sarah’s “Autistic Tiny Home”

What a terrific day for a photo shoot for Sarah’s “Autistic Tiny-Home!”

The film crew did a fantastic job, the weather was perfect, and the home looked great!

We even pulled the MAX™-Mobile out of semi retirement to move the home to the shoot site!

Autistic Tiny Home Final Reveal

Big-Stew™ Reveals Sarah’s Autistic Tiny Home™

Team MAX™ will keep you all posted about the documentary in production in conjunction with this project.

Now, the fun part begins for the production company: editing!

In this photo gallery, you can see Sarah’s custom tiny home out in the light of day, under sunny skies that is!

MAX™ Tiny Homes takes it from design on paper to production! Sarah’s Autistic Tiny Home™!

We at MAX™ Tiny Homes proudly reveal our client Sarah’s custom tiny home; Sarah affectionately calls this her “Autistic Tiny Home.”

Back Story

Sarah is a 19-year-old woman who has autism. This is an exciting time for Sarah. This tiny home represents a big step for Sarah and her quest to have some autonomy as a young woman. Sarah’s tiny home will allow her to literally have her own home and yet still be in close proximity to her family!

Final Reveal of Sarah’s Tiny Home

Team MAX™ proudly delivered the keys to Sarah! Who’s excited? We ALL are!

Sarah’s Status

Who’s excited to see the look on her face? Stay tuned! Team MAX™ will keep you all posted about the documentary in production in conjunction with this project.

Sarah’s Chosen Colors

One of the highlights for Team MAX™ was introducing color to the home. We think the ‘cherry on top’ is Sarah’s custom steel pergola, which looks really cool over the entry. What do you think?

Help Sarah Spread The Word About Her Awareness Project

Because this sensory tiny home design represents a newfound freedom and independence for Sarah, we hope you will all support Sarah’s efforts to both encourage others with autism. Won’t you help *spread the word* about Sarah’s project?

#SarahsAutisticTinyHome #FinalReveal

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