Special Thank Yous

Special Thank Yous

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In this photo gallery, you can see several photos. These photos show Team MAX™ bringing Sarah’s custom tiny home to Mountain America Expo Center. What better way to get the word out than a public display? Literally, thousands of people saw Sarah’s Tiny Home at the Salt Lake Home Show 2018!

Special Thank Yous

Lisa & Sarah Sharing Sarah’s Tiny House

Thank you Lisa and Sarah for all of your help and willingness to share Sarah’s house at the Salt Lake Home Show 2018! It was a big hit! – Angus “Big Stew” MacInnes

While anticipating crowds of potentially 70,000 attendees at this weekend’s show to visit the Tiny Home Village, Angus “Big Stew” MacInnes, Founder, President, and CEO of Maximus Extreme Living Solutions™ clearly needed support. “Big Stew” was/is very grateful for Lisa and Sarah’s assistance and support.

Because there was/is nobody better than Lisa and Sarah to share their backstory and personal insights into this wonderful Tiny Home Design, visitors this weekend were able to hear directly from Sarah. Sarah participated in many aspects of her Tiny Home project. Sarah participated in steps of design, participated in construction, and she got her hands into the final finishing touches (literally and figuratively)!

In case you weren’t able to attend this weekend, we encourage those interested to learn about Sarah’s story. Sarah created a Facebook page for just that purpose. (See: Below).

Help Sarah Spread The Word About Her Awareness Project

Because this sensory tiny home design represents a newfound freedom and independence for Sarah, we hope you will all support Sarah’s efforts to both encourage others with autism. Won’t you help *spread the word* about https://www.facebook.com/AutisticTinyHomes/ Sarah’s project?

To See More Photos Of Sarah’s Tiny Home

After you read Sarah’s Facebook page, you will want to see more photos of her Tiny Home. Rather than share those photos here, we instead show the link to the ‘final reveal’: http://maximusextreme.com/max-models/max-sarahs-autistic-tiny-home/

At Maximus Extreme™, our Tiny Homes are Different By Design. Let’s Build Something [TINY] Together!™ Let’s Get Started Today!™

SLC Home Show 2018

SLC Home Show 2018

Salt Lake Home Show 2018

Salt Lake Home Show 2018

Friday, January 5; 2pm-9pm
Saturday, January 6; 10am-9pm
Sunday, January 7; 11am-6pm

Mountain America Expo Center (formerly South Towne Expo Center)
9575 S. State Street
Sandy, UT 84070

Don’t Miss This Event!
Salt Lake Home Show 2018 – January 5-7 – Mountain America Expo Center (Formerly South Towne Expo Center)

Use this URL to get your reduced-price ADULT Admission Tickets:


Doors Are Open!

SLC Home Show 2018


Since everyone needs a reminder now and then, the doors are open for the 3-day Salt Lake Home Show 2018 located inside the Mountain America Expo Center!

According to Maximus Extreme Living Solutions’ “Big Stew,” this year’s show features the “Best tiny house village set-up I’ve seen in last 6 years! These folks at Salt Lake Home Show have gone above and beyond! Kudos!!!”

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Team MAX™ – Thanks to ALL who stopped by the 2015 Denver Home Show

Team MAX™ at the 2015 Denver Home Show's Tiny House Village

Team MAX™ at the 2015 Denver Home Show’s Tiny House Village

A huge “Thank You” from Team MAX™ to everyone to stopped by the 2015 Denver Home Show’s “Tiny Home Village” this weekend!

Let’s Build Something [TINY] Together™!

Team MAX™ – See You This Weekend @ Tiny Home Village | Denver Home Show 2015

BigStew™ Project (DenverHomeShow2015)(final)

Hope you’ll stop by The Tiny Home Village at the Denver Home Show this weekend and say, “Hello!” -BigStew™

MAX™ – Today’s 5280 [The Denver Magazine] Article


We appreciate (and share with you) today’s article The Denver Home Show Goes Small: Don’t miss the Denver Home Show’s new Tiny Home Village. by Rebecca L. Olgeirson of 5280 [The Denver Magazine] announcing our visit to the Mile High City!

Come on out, meet the Maximus Extreme™ Tiny Homes Team at the Denver Home Show 2015!

We’d love to meet you, show you our Tiny Home designs, maybe inspire you to build your Dream Tiny Home!

Let’s Build Something [TINY] Together!™

Call Me At (801) 301-9388 Let’s Build Something [TINY] Together™! | MAXIMUS EXTREME™ - LET’S BUILD SOMETHING [TINY] TOGETHER!™