MAX™ ~The Hale™

MAX The Hale

MAX™ ~The Hale™

MAX™ ~The Hale™ – Designed by our clients; Built by our Team of Craftsmen at Maximus Extreme Tiny Homes

We share just a few photos from the ‘work in progress’ photos to the ‘final reveal’ photos taken of one of our latest Tiny House builds: MAX™ ~The Hale™ (Hawaiian word for “Home”) designed by Maximus Extreme​™ Tiny Homes’ customer/owner Teri Frank and her husband Nick. Below is their ‘video report card’ of the process.

Below is a short video clip featuring our Clients Teri Frank and her husband Nick — in their own words — describing their experience with Maximus Extreme Tiny Homes:

MAX™ ~The Hale™

Sharing a few photos (from the initial build to the final reveal)…

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MAX™ ~The Hale™ was even featured on the cable television show “Tiny House Hunters”! Do you like this design? We’d love to build your Tiny Dream Home designed to meet your exacting needs and specifications! Call Angus Stewart “Big Stew” MacInnes at (801) 301-9388 to get started today!

At Maximus Extreme Living Solutions™, our custom tiny dream homes are built on an eight by twenty foot (8’x20′) movable steel platform [*Custom/Longer trailer lengths available], which equates to a smaller main floor living area; however, a small space does not have to “live” small. Our custom designs utilize the “shared-space” concept of architecture. Every space has a multiple function, which allows for each space’s functionality to be maximized and to flow seamlessly from one area to another.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a living experience that is a small version of home, thus allowing our clients to take the essence of home with them, no matter where they go!

Too, our custom designs accommodate standard size furniture pieces, and some have built-in pieces depending on the preference of our clients.

Check out The Big Stew Test™ for yourself at http://www.youtube.com/user/BigStewTube/

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