MAX™ – The Reagan™

MAX™ – The Reagan™

Follow along as we build this unique Maximus Extreme™ Tiny Dream Home Design!

Team MAX™ has shared some of our ‘work in progress’ photos on our Facebook page, and today we share some of the long-awaited ‘final touches’ photos of one of our recent Tiny Home builds in progress: The Reagan™


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MAX™ – The Reagan™

MAX™ – The Reagan™ incorporates RAY-CORE™ Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). Why? Simply put, SIPs offer superior structural and insulation properties. At MAX™ Tiny Homes, we use the most current, effective, and efficient commercial and residential construction technologies and techniques to achieve superior results for our clients’ exacting needs, requirements, and specifications. That’s why we call our designs “Tiny Homes on Steroids™.”

Another unique aspect of MAX™ – The Reagan™ is the protected, fenced-in porch. The protected, fenced-in porch features a doggie door, too. The end result is a great outdoor space for our clients Josh and Nicole and their puppies.

MAX™ – The Reagan™ – Getting It Right. With all of our custom designs, we work very closely with the owners Josh and Nicole to incorporate their design specifications and requirements. Our overarching goal with the MAX™ – The Reagan™ is to meet (or exceed) those design specifications and requirements.

*Note: Since we built this custom tiny home on a custom Fifth Wheel trailer frame measuring roughly 31′ total length, 7′ of which represents the gooseneck, this photo gallery of our design/build project showcases our largest custom tiny home build.

Although we’ve been building Tiny Dream Homes since 2012, we think MAX™ – The Reagan™ is going to be one of our best projects!

Because of new technology and design elements, we’d like to ask: “Do you like this design?” Do you have a Dream Tiny Home design of your own that you’d like to bring to life?

Give us a call, “Let’s Build Something [TINY] Together!™

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