More Thank Yous

More Thank Yous

More Thank Yous

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In this photo gallery, you can see two photos. These photos show two of Team MAX™’s support system that truly made the Tiny Home Village at Mountain America Expo Center a huge success! What better way to personally and publicly say “Thank You”?

More Thank Yous

Awesome Folks Behind The Scenes

As the saying goes, “it takes a village.” With heartfelt thanks, there are a few special folks who have, countless times, had the back of MAX™ Tiny Homes. A huge thanks from “Big Stew”!

In the TINY Home world, there is no shortage of HUGE Thank Yous to all the awesome and talented folks behind the scenes. Since Maximus Extreme Living Solutions is no exception, Angus “Big Stew” MacInnes would like to personally and very publicly extend his heart-felt and sincere Thank Yous.

James Lickiss

A special thanks to this Big Hoss, James Lickiss, and his pops for moving our Tiny Homes. Anyone who needs this type of service, please let me know. I can hook you up!

Keith Cravotta

I also want to personally thank this guy, Keith Cravotta. He has been such a huge help to me so many times, I can’t even begin to count the number. He is loyal, kind, trustworthy, hard-working, and generous. I am blessed to have this man as a friend! Thank you so much for everything, Keith, you are appreciated more than you will ever know!

2016 Standard Examiner Home & Garden Show

2016 Standard Examiner Home & Garden Show

2016 Standard Examiner Home & Garden Show

2016 Standard Examiner Home & Garden Show

2016 Standard Examiner Home & Garden Show

2016 Standard Examiner Home & Garden Show

2016 Standard Examiner Home & Garden Show

2016 Standard Examiner Home & Garden Show

















In case you missed the Standard Examiner Home & Garden Show this past weekend (Feb 26-28) at the Weber County Fairgrounds Golden Spike Arena, here are a few photos of the latest commissioned, custom Tiny Home we built that is ultimately to Ft. Worth, Texas!

We are anxious for the new owners to see (in person) their new home.

A big “Thank You” to Standard Examiner® for the opportunity to present both the MAX™ Acadia and MAX™ Caboose along with our most recent MAX™ Custom Fort Worth project!

We enjoyed the opportunity to meet some new friends and Tiny Home enthusiasts, as well as many who have been curious to experience the feel of Tiny Home designs in person.

2016 Standard Examiner Home & Garden Show – Maximus Extreme™ Tiny Homes – http://events.standard.net/home-show/ – MAX™ Custom Tiny Home Designs!

Let’s Build Something [TINY] Together™!

Camden Turns 1

Camden Turns 1

Camden Turns 1

My Wife Jan and I built something [TINY] together, but it’s not so [TINY] anymore! Our youngest son Camden turned 1 year old yesterday.

How can that be possible, you ask? Trust me, we’re as amazed and surprised as you are!

It’s been a busy (and productive) year at Maximus Extreme™ Tiny Homes. And we’ve been Blessed beyond measure.

We thank our clients (whom we consider our Friends), and we thank each of you (our faithful stalkers) for your continued interest and support.

Stay tuned! We’re just as excited about the upcoming year, and we want to share it with you, too!


Tiny Maximus Speaks About Tiny Houses: A KSL Morning Show Interview

Tiny Maximus Speaks About Tiny Houses: A KSL Morning Show Interview

MAX_KSL_Interview (23-Jun-2015)

Son Maximus had his first on-screen television appearance today, and he had a speaking part, too! Maximus performed like a champ with the KSL (local CBS affiliate) Morning Show’s News Reporter Haley Smith and James the KSL camerman!

Walk through The Acadia™ with local NBC affiliate, KSL News!

Walk through The Acadia™ with local NBC affiliate, KSL News!

Have you ever been inside a Tiny Home?

Why not join us, as we walk through The Acadia™ with Lori Prichard and Andrew Wittenberg from our local NBC affiliate, KSL News!


KSL Interviews: Lori Prichard & Andrew Wittenberg

KSL Interview(s) with Lori Prichard and Andrew Wittenberg

Travel Trailer Versus Tiny Home?

Travel Trailer Versus Tiny Home?



Q: What Are The Differences Between A Travel Trailer Versus A Tiny Home?

A: Sometimes, the answer is in the question. In this case, there’s really no comparison….

The differences…from A-Z:

  • Attitude (What do you want your Dream Tiny Home to say about you?)
  • Bed configurations (MAX™ Dream Tiny Homes offer many creative solutions, depending upon your needs and requirements!)
  • Creature Comforts (MAX™ Dream Tiny Homes can include as many or as few as you like!)
  • Design (We can accommodate your Dream Tiny Home, limiting you to only your imagination, budget, and the laws of physics!) 
  • Energy-Efficient (We incorporate the latest commercial & residential best construction practices & products!)
  • Fully Customizable (MAX™ Dream Tiny Homes accommodate your needs, requirements, and specifications!)
  • Green. Your MAX™ Dream Tiny Home can be designed to incorporate many Green building products and LEED components!
  • HVAC? Yes, we can heat and cool your Dream Tiny Home very efficiently!
  • Interested in financing? MAX  Financing is available to most! See: http://maximusextreme.com/shop-max/max-financing-a-new-option/ 
  • Just-in-time inventory. Your MAX™ Dream Tiny Home is not ‘mass-produced.’ Each is custom-crafted for our clients.
  • Kitchen options? Your MAX™ Dream Tiny Home could look like the one featured on FYI Television Network’s “Tiny House Nation” See: http://www.fyi.tv/shows/tiny-house-nation/videos/340-sq-ft-steampunk-adventure-home 
  • Longevity? A MAX™  Dream Tiny Home is built to last. You receive manufacturer’s warranties on Roofing and other components that equal (or surpass) most traditional, stick-built, brick-and-mortar  homes!
  • Made in the USA: That’s a huge MAX Difference! We carefully source all components for Buy-American Act compliance!
  • Never a cold shower. Your MAX™ Dream Tiny Home can be outfitted with a propane-fired, on-demand hot water system!
  • Options: Off-Grid, Completely Grid-Tied, Somewhere In-Between (it’s always your choice); What’s your preference?
  • Performance? MAX™ insulation keeps you comfortable from -50 ºF to +150 ºF!
  • Quality. At Maximus Extreme™ quality in craftsmanship is built-in; it’s never an “option”…never!
  • R-values. MAX™ Dream Tiny Homes incorporate state-of-the-art Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for huge R-value ratings! 
  • Solid, Stick-Built Construction (just like a brick-and-mortar home); A MAX™ Dream Tiny Home is not a thin-skinned travel trailer!
  • Toilet options (composting toilet, flush-toilet, incinerating toilet; there are many options); Let’s talk about your preferences!
  • Uber-Awesome Utility Options (grid-tied, off-grid, somewhere in-between? ) The choice is yours!
  • Vacation? Depending where you park your MAX™ Dream Tiny Home, you can turn a vacation into a stay-cation!
  • Where Next? Take your Dream Tiny Home with you; Home will be where you park it, literally!
  • X-tra Beefy Suspension. Your MAX™ Dream Tiny Home is built on a custom-manufactured movable steel platform with superior-rated axle-strength, suspension components, and tire and wheel combinations providing for a safe, secure foundation.
  • Your look, your style, your choices. Why would you simply accept what rolls off the assembly line?
  • Zebra pattern? Why not? It’s possible to wrap your Dream Tiny Home with a unique finish…favorite football team, NASCAR, even a Zebra pattern!

Call Me At (801) 301-9388 Let’s Build Something [TINY] Together™!

Team MAX™ – Thanks to ALL who stopped by the 2015 Denver Home Show

Team MAX™ at the 2015 Denver Home Show's Tiny House Village

Team MAX™ at the 2015 Denver Home Show’s Tiny House Village

A huge “Thank You” from Team MAX™ to everyone to stopped by the 2015 Denver Home Show’s “Tiny Home Village” this weekend!

Let’s Build Something [TINY] Together™!

Team MAX™ – See You This Weekend @ Tiny Home Village | Denver Home Show 2015

BigStew™ Project (DenverHomeShow2015)(final)

Hope you’ll stop by The Tiny Home Village at the Denver Home Show this weekend and say, “Hello!” -BigStew™

MAX™ – Today’s 5280 [The Denver Magazine] Article


We appreciate (and share with you) today’s article The Denver Home Show Goes Small: Don’t miss the Denver Home Show’s new Tiny Home Village. by Rebecca L. Olgeirson of 5280 [The Denver Magazine] announcing our visit to the Mile High City!

Come on out, meet the Maximus Extreme™ Tiny Homes Team at the Denver Home Show 2015!

We’d love to meet you, show you our Tiny Home designs, maybe inspire you to build your Dream Tiny Home!

Let’s Build Something [TINY] Together!™

Please Help Us Welcome The Newest Member Of The MacInnes Clan!

MacInnes Clan (24-Sep-2014)(Retouched)

Maximus Extreme™ Tiny Homes’ “Big Stew” and wife Jan today welcomed the newest member of the MacInnes Clan: a little 7lb 5oz 19″ baby boy! God has Truly Blessed the MacInnes Family!

Maximus Extreme™ Tiny Homes’ New Design Concept: The Dirigo™

Big Stew™ The Dirigo™_FINAL_BRANDED_R1

Maximus Extreme™ Tiny Homes is working with a different design concept that Lead Designer Tom Hudson and President & CEO Angus Stewart “Big Stew” MacInnes call: The Dirigo™ (Dīrigō), which is Latin for “I direct” or “I lead” and is also the state motto of Maine. What do you think of this design? What would you change, if anything?

Stop by our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/MaximusExtremeTinyHomes to see more of this design.

Big Stew™ The Dirigo™_FINAL_BRANDED_R1

The Dirigo™ (Elev1_Right)

The Dirigo™ (Elev2_Left)

The Dirigo™ (Elev3_Left_Rear)

The Dirigo™ (Elev4_LeftSide)

The Dirigo™ (Elev5_RightSideFull)

Well, how about you? Where would you place your [TINY] Dream Home?

What’s In A Name? Maximus Extreme™ Tiny Homes’ Tiny Homes on Steroids™

WhatsInAName !!!!!!!!!!!!MaximusExtremeTinyHOMES(2014LogoConcept)Transparent

/ˈtaɪni/ | [tahy-nee]

adjective, ti·ni·er, ti·ni·est.

very small; minute; wee.


little, diminutive, teeny. ◾Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/tiny


/ˈstɪərɔɪd, ˈstɛr-/ | [steer-oid, ster-oid]


on steroids, Slang. much larger, stronger, or more extreme than is normal or expected: Yosemite is nature on steroids. He’s so lovable, he’s like santa claus on steroids.

◾Why our moniker: “Tiny Homes on Steroids™?”

Part of the answer lies in the above definition of “Tiny.” The other part of the answer lies in me (the company founder, president, and CEO): Angus Stewart “Big Stew” MacInnes (e.g., coming in at 6’3″ and 285 lbs. I am far from ‘diminutive’ or ‘tiny’). Similarly, Maximus Extreme™ Tiny Homes designs and builds (you could even say ‘over-builds’) our tiny homes to exceed the quality of construction, craftsmanship, and materials found in many full-size, stick-built homes. Simply put, we unabashedly build high-quality, custom tiny homes that perform in extreme conditions. If, however, you personally associate the term “steroids” with something bad or forbidden (e.g., Professional Athletes Fallen From Grace, etc.), we understand how you could misinterpret our description of our tiny homes. Please, forgive us. But, please, don’t make the mistaken assumption that our tiny homes are ‘diminutive’ or ‘teeny.’ Too, don’t mistake my confidence in our designs as mere ‘bravado.’ That is, I personally invite you to take the Big Stew Challenge™.” Come see/experience our tiny home designs in person. I am confident that you will agree: our designs will look and feel much more comfortable, larger, stronger, and more extreme than you would expect.


Why our business name: “Maximus Extreme Living Solutions™”?

When I founded this company, I set out to make a difference in the tiny home community. I believe in the premise and the tenets of tiny homes, of building with sustainable products and techniques, and of incorporating green building products and techniques. However, as a ‘larger-than-normal’ individual, I am (perhaps more than most) sensitive to the negative connotations of ‘tiny spaces.’ That is, I not only firmly believe that tiny homes do not have to feel or live small (‘diminutive’ or ‘teeny’), I have designed tiny homes that can easily and comfortably accommodate someone of a ‘larger-than-normal’ stature. With all that said, allow me to summarize below:

◾”Maximus” = My first-born son’s name. My commitment to my family, my designs, and the tiny home movement is demonstrated by naming the company for current & future generations, to create a legacy. To perpetuate and support (not supplant) the efforts of tiny living and empower folks to realize their tiny home dreams, especially those who lack either the time or the interest in building their own tiny home.
◾”Extreme” = My tiny home designs incorporate all the best products, components, and technologies (we encourage you to confirm it for yourself via our photos and videos). This translates to our tiny homes being built (arguably ‘over-built’ by some folks’ standards) to last as long, if not longer, than most full-size, stick-built homes. Our tiny homes not only withstand the test of time (e.g., 40 & 50-year-roofing systems), they also withstand extreme climates (keeping you safe and comfortable even in temperatures ranging from -50 °F to +150 °F).
◾”Living Solutions” = If we told you that we could help you live affordably, comfortably, and safely in a smaller, mobile footprint to allow you the flexibility of relocating your home (e.g., to follow your career, to chase another opportunity of a lifetime, or to follow the seasons, etc.) without sacrificing craftsmanship, quality, or performance wouldn’t you agree that we are offering a compelling solution?

Why our business challenge: “Let’s Build Something [TINY] Together™”?

We at Maximus Extreme™ Tiny Homes do not dictate what ‘floorplan’ or what ‘interior’ choice(s) are available to you. Rather, we partner with you to design and build your dream tiny home. We take your design, create engineered plans, and custom-build your tiny home. We tell our customers: “You are only limited by your imagination, your budget, and the laws of physics.”

See also: http://www.facebook.com/notes/maximus-extreme/whats-in-a-name-maximus-extreme-tiny-homes-tiny-homes-on-steroids/881884878507630.

The Big Stew Test™: http://maximusextreme.com/tiny-homes-on-steroids/the-big-stew-test/

Call Me At (801) 301-9388 Let’s Build Something [TINY] Together™! | MAXIMUS EXTREME™ - LET’S BUILD SOMETHING [TINY] TOGETHER!™