Different By Design™

Different By Design™

Tiny Homes On Steroids™


Sturdy Steel Tiny Home Mobile Platforms

MAX™ MOVABLE PLATFORMS: 5″ Channel Frame; 5″ Channel Tongue with Tongue Gussets; 3″ Channel Cross Members; Tandem 5,000-LB Axles with EZ Lube & 6 Lug Hubs ; Dual Brake Axles; ST 225 75 D 15 Tires; 2,000-LB Post Jack; Recessed Lighting; All Wiring Placed in Conduit; 10,000 GVWR Trailer and Full Fenders with Backs.


ROOFING SYSTEMS: We use several roofing systems in the construction of our homes, one is a GacoRoof® system.  GacoRoof® is a single component, elastomeric air dry silicone rubber coating that can be applied year-round on properly prepared substrates. GacoRoof® meets the requirements of ASTM D 6694.

GacoRoof® GR1600 (white) meets the requirements for the EnergyStar® reflectance performance requirements for both low and high-sloped roofs and the requirements for the Cool Roof Rating Council. GacoRoof® GR1600 (white) meets solar reflectance and thermal emitting requirements for the following: the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC); the ASHRAE 90.1 Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings; and the California Building Energy Efficiency Standard CEC-400-2008-001-CMF, as adopted as Part 6 of Title 24.

This product is listed by Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Available in SCAQMD-compliant versions.

Skyline Roofing®

The other roofing system that we install is the Skyline Roofing® product, which has a clean, wide-pan look of integral standing seam panels, at a lower cost. The product features:

Economical installation. Skyline Roofing® has no clips or battens to order, handle or install, saving time and money.
Quick, economical trim packages include standard trim pieces that can be ordered by part number.
Installation instructions and details available in DVD format and Installation Guide.
12” and 16”, 26 gauge provided in our energy-efficient “Cool” DuraTech®xlpaint system.
Zincalume® Plus is offered in the 16” profile for unpainted applications.
All ASC Building Products panels are Class A Fire Rated assemblies per IBC. All panels are also listed in accordance to UL 790 and pass Impact Class 4 hail ratings.



MAX™ EXTERIOR WALLS: All exterior walls, floors and roofs are constructed using RAY-CORE™ brand Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). RAY-CORE™ SIPs are insulated panels that are Class 1 fire rated, with closed-cell polyurethane foam injected between studs. With exceptional air-tight capabilities and second-to-none R-Values,RAY-CORE™ SIPs can maintain a comfortable living space in the most extreme weather conditions. RAY-CORE™ SIPs allow our units to perform for extended periods of time in temperatures that exceed -40 °F. Environmentally Friendly—from a reduced jobsite waste perspective—and “Green”—from an Energy Savings for a lifetime perspective.



MAX™ HEATING SYSTEMS: The Dickinson® Newport® Propane-Fired Heater / Fireplace, Model P9000, provides ample heating to our Tiny Homes. The Dickinson® Newport® Propane-Fired Heater / Fireplace has a built-in blower that provides good heat circulation. Its non-rust stainless steel construction ensures that the unit remains unaffected by motion, winds or weather conditions. By design, it is extremely economical, providing heat output between 5,500 – 7,500 BTU. Due to its economical design, fuel consumption at various settings is quite reasonable: Low Setting: 1 lb – 7 hrs & 20 lb – 140 hrs; High Setting: 1 lb – 5 hrs & 20 lb – 100 hrs. Safe To Operate: The Dickinson® Newport® Propane Heater / Fireplace’s unique compact design prevents oxygen depletion or combustion gas emissions. The combustion process is completely isolated from the inside by the unique, direct vent design. The Newport®’s safe manual ignition and large glass viewing area offer a wonderful, cheery ambiance. Fuel Source: The Newport® uses low-pressure propane, offering fuel consumption varying from 1-lb bottle/7 hrs to 1-lb bottle/5 hrs. The Newport® also has a 12-Volt DC blower fan.



MAX™ BATHROOMS: Maximus Extreme™ offers its customers the option of either a composting or an incinerating toilet. Why? By design, both options end the need for water in order for the toilet to work and eliminate the need for a traditional black water storage tank. This design element makes each MAX™ Tiny Home a fully self-sustainable living space, opening up the world of venue options (e.g., your favorite National Parks, your favorite beaches, your favorite lakes, your favorite spots in the mountains, and just about any parking lot tail-gating venue) to our customers who would normally be hard-pressed to find a sewer drop. Not to be Nostradamus of the Obvious or anything, but it is important to note that MAX™ Bathrooms pass The Big Stew Test™.

The specific composting toilet that we have chosen for our MAX™ Tiny Homes is Nature’s Head Composting Toilets.

Why Nature’s Head? Their products are very well designed and excel in both form and function, and Nature’s Head Composting Toilets are Proudly Made in the U.S.A.!

At Maximus Extreme™ we incorporate quality into our designs, and we pay attention to the details. At every detail, we use high-quality, well-engineered, and tough marine-rated & U.S. Coast Guard Approved products. That’s the MAX™ Difference.

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