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The Big Stew Test™

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The Big Stew Test™


At Maximus Extreme™, we offer one thing that no other Tiny Home builder offers: The Big Stew Test™.

Not boasting or anything, but MAX™ Founder, President, and CEO Angus Stewart “Stew” MacInnes is a former All-Conference and 2-time Academic All-American College Football player (Guard & Tackle, #71, Weber State University, 1983 – 1987); a former NFL Free agent with the Seattle Seahawks (#60, 1988); and Minor League Sporting News 2001 Semi-Pro National Coach of the Year.
Why is THAT important? By knowing these facts, you will agree that it is not a logical leap of faith for us to say—and for you to believe—that Stew is a larger-than-average person in statute at 6′ 3″ and 285 lbs.

Why is THAT important? Simply put, size matters. Seriously, Stew creates each MAX™ design to accommodate larger-than-average people just like himself.

Why is The Big Stew Test™ important to you? If you need help in answering that nagging question in your mind asking whether or not living in a Tiny Home is “do-able” in terms of ease and comfort, remember that our MAX™ designs truly are “Stew-able.”

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